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HOLLAND…petit fils de Louise...my god!


In this political commentary, Doyle uses gout as a metaphor for the discomfort of the political party that has long been out of favor. When Lord Holland discovers that his party, the Whigs, have been returned to power his gout is cured. Lord Holland declares, "Here-take my crutch and off with these flannels!- I have no further use for them (at present). Then order the carriage-I must away to town immediately!! His servant responds, "The letter seems to have completely cured my Lord's gout, which he has had so badly which he has had ever since the opening of Parliament- I'd lay a wager there is a change in the Ministry!!


Holland ...petit fils de Louise ?

Écrit par : Claire | 17/02/2012

Je vais vous dire!

Écrit par : Philippe | 17/02/2012

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